Gabrielle is an ITMA Qualified Administrator. She is responsible for all our in-house trade mark and design renewals, and maintaining our in-house trade marks and designs database. Gabrielle liaises with clients to secure renewal instructions each year and oversees all renewals in the UK, EU and around the world either directly or through our network of trusted overseas firms.

Gabrielle files our applications and assists clients throughout the registration process, checking and forwarding registration certificates on completion. She also handles various Registry recordals around the world, ranging from changes of name and address, to assignment and licence recordals.

Formalities and Renewals Manager: Gabrielle McGuigan

  • Tel+44 (0)113 393 1921
  • Fax+44 (0)113 269 1512
  • DDI+44 (0)113 203 4242
  • Email Gabrielle