Drafting agreements and contractual wording

Drafting Agreements and Contractual Wording

We draft, negotiate, and regularly complete bespoke commercial agreements relating to all aspects of patents, R&D, trade marks, designs, copyright, domain names and brand creation including agreements for licensing, assignment or transfer of IP rights. Having team members with strong science backgrounds makes us particularly well-placed to advise in the technology sectors including in JV’s and collaboration agreements, service contracts, commissions for creative content and design work. Trade secrets and confidentiality are protected through standalone non-disclosure agreements or specific clauses inserted into other contracts. In all this work, your IP position, whether as owner or licensee, will be protected, as a priority, not just as an afterthought.


A manufacturer of high performance polymers had difficulty in negotiating development and supply agreements with each of the small number of major customers (manufacturers of integrated circuits and in the aviation industry) without conflicts arising. We were able to propose ways in which intellectual property rights could be segregated so that each customer had exclusive licences to the rights that it needed, whilst allowing our client to grant exclusive licences concurrently to other customers.

When a major independent company that developed and manufactured innovative implantable orthopaedic devices was in the process of negotiating a sale of its business to one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, numerous issues arose regarding the ownership and licensed use of jointly developed IP that is essential for many of its products. We resolved all such issues, established the transferability of such rights and also drafted agreements allowing for the sellers to take back and exploit IP themselves in the future under specified circumstances.

A newly established manufacturer of medical devices required us to equip it with distribution and agency agreements for its products to be sold in most of the developed world. We were able to advise on the competition law aspects of the exclusive arrangements that our client wanted, as well as on the regulatory regimes applicable to such products, and to incorporate appropriate drafting in the whole range of agreements.